Wednesday, February 22

Giving Up

I think I am about to give up on finishing project one. I waited too long to begin this project and now I'm having troubles finding a call to write. I agree I should have started thinking about this project earlier when it was first assigned. Basicially in a nutshell I screwed up. I'm not going lie I bullshitted the whole thing, this whole class. I have a problem with laziness and last night of all the nights I decide not to get lazy anymore. Yes I'm a dumbass, this has been clarified by my lack of skill in this class. As Mary pointed out she makes the first project worth 10 percent for a reason; because there is always someone like me that brings down the expectatons of what is expected of the class. Ultimately I am just beating myself up and calling myself a failure, but it is nothing of that nature. I am simples pointing out the fact that I absolutely must work my ass off on these next two projects, write in my blogs more, and basically make myself a model student. On this digital space I have declared that I will push myself to do better in this class.

Monday, February 13

The Best Cyber Sex

Ok I know you've read the title and gone what the heck? Well don't worry it's not that bad. While messing around with I found this website which had an "article" so to speak on one person pretending to be a guy or girl interested in "cybering" with other people. This is where things get very funny. This person goes to outrageous lengths to make whoever they are talking to as mad as possible. One instance he/she talks to a girl and as they begin to "cyber" he/she starts talking like they are a massive multiplayer role playing game. Which leads to the girl becoming very angry and upset. To us it's hilarious to read this and watch it unfold. You known deep down it's wrong but you just want to keep reading and find out all the different conversations and reactions of all everyone he/she has talked to.

Thursday, February 2

self-sustaining iPod

I know I haven't been writing in here lately, I got very lazy with this class. Well that has stopped, time to get my butt back on track. Ok back on topic. I was on Lifehacker and I saw an article about iPods. It basically explains how to emancipate you iPod from the shackles of iTunes. I assume that this would be a great thing for people that dislike iTunes as a program but love their beloved iPods. The whole trick to this idea is to just use your iPod as a removable media device instead of letting it sync with iTunes. This is followed by the download of a free program called vPod and a couple of settings to allow CD ripping on your computer. That's a quick version of it, for the whole process go here. I love this hack for more than just another way to transfer music to your iPod. It shows that we not always held down to one way to use our mp3 players. Now we don't ever have to download iTunes to use our iPods. Its like the simple step to a bigger solution. Yes I know I should like I'm getting ahead of myself but if you think about it, this is like slowing freeing society from preloaded software, and unintelligent manufacturer bugs. Its another form to have freedom of speech.

Monday, January 16


Im reading the Constitution I noticed something that came to mind. The second amendment is in my opinion is not a good amendment. It touches the surface of that we have the right to bear arms, but why is that so? Just because we feel safe to have a gun in our hand? We the United States leads the entire world in gun related deaths. I don't know what makes us have the most deaths by a gun, but if we had a change in the second amendment things could take a tun for the better. The change in the amendment should be anyone over the age of 35 should be allowed to bear arms. This allow older more experenced people to have handguns and hopefully should cut the gun deaths in america down a few.

Wednesday, January 11

Well today was alright. I had three classes PSY 120, SOC 100, and ENG 106. English was probably the only class I didn't want to fall alseep in. We bascially were involved in the class today. Mary(our instructor) let have a conversation and everything. We talked about the different composes of everyday life. Which I didn't know what the heck it was at first until Mary gave us an example. They were bascially things like school books, poetry, newspaper, points of view, and text messages. After English I just went to get somthing to eat and chilled the rest of the day.

Monday, January 9

The Composed Me

What text is writing me? If you know me, you'll know what I'll say. Of course if you're reading you really dont know me so I'll tell you. Music composes most of my life. Now I know you want to know why. With me music starts my day, from listening to System of a Down in the early morning, to Jay-Z late at night. Doesnt matter what kind of music it is I'll give it a chance. This is because I can always find a song that relates to me. Example in general, Vermillion by Slipknot this song talks about infatuating over one girl that is a guys perfect everything, but yet she causes him so much pain to love her. At the end of the song you learn that this girl non-existant, she never existed and this perfect woman is just something he wishes he can find in life. That to me defines most of my life, not for the perfect loving of another but the perfection of my life itself. I want things to be perfect but I know they can't. I know that there can't be a perfect life, yet I still wish for it and that gives me motavation to keep going and do things that are close to perfection for me.

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